Alcohol-free Antibacterial Sanitiser Gel (Lemon Myrtle) 無酒精 抗菌消毒啫喱 (檸檬瑪度娘)

Alcohol-free Antibacterial Sanitiser Gel (Lemon Myrtle) 無酒精 抗菌消毒啫喱 (檸檬瑪度娘)

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HKU Facualty of Medicine*, Singapore National Environmental Agency*, confirm the usage of Benzalkonium Chloride, the key ingredient of this sanitiser, effectively disables the infectivity of Covid-19. This ingredient has been widely used as medical disinfectants in lozenges and eyedrops. Lemon Myrtle is naturally antibacterial. Aloe Vera extract hydrates your skin. Its refreshing scent awakens & raises your mood.

For all skin types. Paraben, Sulphates, Alcohol & Cruelty Free. Made in Australia. e500ml | 16.9 fl oz

港大醫學院*, 新加坡環境局證*實 苯扎氯銨 (Benalkonium Chloride) 能有效令新冠病毒失去感染力。苯扎氯銨 是醫學用於喉糖及眼藥水裏的消炎消毒成分。檸檬瑪度娘天然抗菌, 清香優雅,心曠醒神。蘆薈精華補濕肌膚容易滲透。

不含酒精、對羥基苯甲酸及硫酸鹽。不作動物測試。澳洲製造。500毫升 | 16.9 安士


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