Lavender Camomile (aloe base) Lotion 薰衣草洋甘菊 (蘆薈底)潤膚乳

Lavender Camomile (aloe base) Lotion 薰衣草洋甘菊 (蘆薈底)潤膚乳

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Upgraded to 500ml!

ALOE VERA BASED & pH balanced, easily absorbs and nourishes baby and your sensitive skins.

Lavender naturally promotes restful sleep, lower skin irritation, prevent infections and reduce inflammation.
Camomile contains many powerful skin properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidants. Its hypoallergenic property helps reduce skin irritants by reducing free radicals.
Glycerin improves hydration of eczema skin.
Paraben, sulphates, petroleum & preservatives free. Against animal tests. Made in Australia. e500ml.


蘆薈底容易滲透;酸鹼度平衡,極致水潤,保護你同BB 幼嫩敏感肌。
薰衣草: 幫助入睡、減低皮膚過敏、預防及減低皮膚發炎。
洋甘菊: 預防皮膚發炎、天然消炎消毒及有抗氧化的功能;減低皮膚角質形成的致敏原而帶來的過敏症狀。


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