Pharmabelle Treatment Oil Hand Cream

Santal Treatment Oil + Honey & Marine Algae Hand Cream 三檀護理油 + 蜂蜜海藻護手霜

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Santal Treatment Oil 50ml  This special blend of natural essential oils, nourishes and provides antioxidants to your skin. For extra care, blend with Pharmabelle Honey & Marine Algae Hand Cream.

Honey & Marine Algae Hand Cream 100ml  Honey & marine algae are two moisturising ingredients from nature. Easily absobred, nourishes and soothes your delicate hands.  Free from paraben & sulphates; against animal testing. 

Suitable for dry & sensitive skins.

三檀護理油  50毫升  以天然精油混製,深層滋潤提供抗氧化分子予以肌膚。跟Pharmabelle 蜂蜜海藻護手霜混合使用,效果更佳。

蜂蜜海藻護手霜  100毫升  蜂蜜及海藻乃大自然的保濕成分,容易吸收。不含對羥基苯甲酸酯及硫酸鹽。不作動物測試。


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